Your Purchase Is A Gift!

Your purchase at Kewsan Textile and More helps girls' education.
Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something.
There are certainly many girls who suffer in different situations that are not fair nowadays. Girls 'is the mothers' future for the children and the children will be built for tomorrow's society. That's why we support girls to support a society.
all three of us sisters have been and still are teachers. We know the problem and we cannot turn a blind eye to children's problems in their home country and traditional society.
In these areas, many children drop out of school at an early age, especially girls. This is often because their families cannot afford to have all their children in school and then the boys are given priority to be allowed to continue school while the girls are allowed to help at home.
Many girls therefore have poorer conditions for jobs, careers and an independent life. They are forced to continue living in poverty and in some cases it leads to them getting married before they become adults.
There are certainly many who have different ideas to help and support others especially children and we are one of those who want to help and we chose to help through children's education. We give you the best Kurdish clothes in quality and with your purchase and our work, we can together give more children more chances to develop. Your purchase, small or large, is extremely valuable in our work for a changed world where children's dreams come to life. We thank you for wanting to contribute!