Kurdistan in my heart

Kurdistan Is in My Heart

Symbol of Love for Kurdistan: The Heart Brooch in the Colors of Freedom


In every Kurd's heart, there's a special place for beloved Kurdistan. Our beautiful Heart Brooch, featuring the Kurdistan flag's red, white, and green colors with a bright yellow sun at its center, represents deep love and the spirit of a free Kurdistan. Made with care by Kewsan Textile, this brooch is more than jewelry; it's a symbol of unity, hope, and strength.

The Heart Brooch mirrors the Kurdish spirit, a powerful emblem of the unbreakable connection between people and their homeland. It reminds us of dreams, desires, and love that pulse in every Kurd's heart. it's great for everyone, adding pride and culture to any outfit. You can even use it as an arm pin with your Kurdish dress.

 Celebrate your heritage, share your love, and show your solidarity with our heart-shaped brooch – a beautiful symbol of a free Kurdistan.

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