Kurdish Clothes Nishtman Collection

Nishtman Collection

Introducing Nishtman: A Fashion Collection Inspired by the Dream of a Free Kurdistan

We're excited to introduce our new clothing collection called Nishtman in our Kurdish online store. This collection is all about showcasing the beauty of Kurdish culture and the shared dream of a free Kurdistan for all Kurds worldwide. We chose the name Nishtman because it perfectly captures our hope for a liberated homeland and sounded beautiful to us.

Like how many people find rose flowers beautiful, we love roses too. That's why we designed this collection with two kinds of sequins: one is golden and the other matches the main color. This choice gives our designs a bit of shine and harmony without being too flashy.

Creating Nishtman was a labor of love for us. At every step, we felt a strong connection to our designs and especially the colors we used. When we saw the final designs, we were amazed, which is why we named the collection Nishtman – a word that means a lot to all Kurds and represents our wish for a better future.

Nishtman is available in six beautiful colors, each reflecting a part of our rich culture and heritage. With Nishtman, we hope to not only offer you stylish fashion but also inspire hope for a free Kurdistan in the hearts of those who wear it.

You can now check out the Nishtman collection on our website and join us in celebrating our culture and the dream of a free Kurdistan through fashion. Nishtman – a collection that represents the beauty of our culture and the dream of a free homeland.
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