Kurdish Women dress, Shamaran legend

Kurdish Shamaran



Are you ready to join a movement that goes beyond fashion and accessories? Our Shahmaran logo belt is not just a stylish accessory—it's the start of a revolution against colonial symbols on our cherished heritage.


In every Kurd's heart lies a longing for freedom from our colonial past. The Shamran Belt symbolizes hope and ignites a new movement against the colonial influences that have shaped our history. It's a call to action, representing Kurdish pride, the elegance of our traditional clothing, and our resistance against colonial forces.

Our Kurdish attire holds the stories of our heritage, culture, and resilience. It's time to remove the colonial symbols that have adorned our garments for too long. The Shamran welding belt , the first belt made of A Kurdish logo to start a revelation and Brooch leads the charge in the Shamran Revolution, championed by Kurdish women advocating for peace, nature, and our roots.

Join us in supporting the Shamran Revolution. Let's proudly carry our heritage forward to the next generation and let our culture shine without the weight of the past. Join us now and be part of this empowering movement!



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