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Dilan Design with Kolwane light pink

Dilan Design with Kolwane light pink

bihayê Regular 1 199 SEK
bihayê Regular Bihayê firotanê 1 199 SEK
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Dilan Design Kurdish Set with Kolwane:

kawa: tulle embroidery with Golden flowers and tone to tone with base of tulle , machine made Pearls inside the flower. This set Kawa with both sides borders Dilan Design in Kurdish Traditional style.

kiras: very soft silk satin

kolwane or Chareke or Chatfe ( different names in different Kurdish dialects) use over your axels that make your dress more celebratory ( you can simple take it part from your dress when you want) made with Dilan Design and all around the Charlie hand made with golden thread and golden sequins in different sizes in nice design and unique combination- high quality.

sew included this packet

modellen har S -M storlek och hon är 167 cm lång huvudet till foot.

This Dress can be use also without kolwane, but the package including kolwane.

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