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Gul Bahar With White

Gul Bahar With White

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Introducing our beautiful Gul Bahar Collection, inspired by the colors of spring flowers in Kurdistan. Each dress features lovely lace with 3D flower designs that stand out like real blossoms. The colors are soft and bright, just like spring.

Our dresses are carefully designed to look elegant without too much fabric, so the pretty flower designs can really shine. They have a small hook under the chest for a nice fit.

We make these dresses with great care using the best satin silk for the skirts, choosing colors that match well with the lace. You can wear these dresses with other light-colored outfits for a stylish look at many different events.

When you buy a dress, we also give you a special Shahmaran arm pin as a gift from us.

Enjoy wearing our unique and elegant Gul Bahar dresses, perfect for any special occasion.

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