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Navy Blue

Navy Blue

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Introducing our ready-to-wear Kurdish man outfit in navy blue, crafted from high-quality fabric with professional sewing. This Kurdish suit includes

Şal û Şepik or kawa Pantol or the suit in coat and pants.

the pants has inside belt that you can adjust it according your waist and adjust the pens which part in you waist prefer be more. ( Belt integrated into the pants).

a belt for over the waist coat and the pants around 3/5 meters . 

Tasbih hand made by Qaswan Hawraman ( wane Taq )

a "Kurdistan in my heart" brooch pin, symbolizing our unity and love for Kurdistan.

Available in all sizes, this suit is tailored to perfection.

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In Kurdish dialects, Kurdish man clothes are called:
- **Sorani:** Kiras û Fistan
- **Kurmanji:** Kiras û Şal û Şepik
- **Zazaki:** Cil û Zapon

At Kewsan Textile, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Embrace your unique style and experience the joy of wearing custom-made Kurdish man clothes. Place your order today!


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