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Kurdish Shoes Klash Hawraman

Kurdish Shoes Klash Hawraman

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Klash are handmade shoes, crafted with care in Hawraman, Kurdistan. Each pair is uniquely made by skilled artisans, bringing a piece of Kurdish tradition to your feet. Perfect for those who value quality and cultural heritage.


Klash shoes are high-quality, handcrafted from cotton thread and natural materials, designed to prevent foot sweat and complete your Kurdish outfit. While perfect for showcasing cultural pride, we advise against wearing them in wet conditions or on rainy days. For best longevity, keep them on dry surfaces to avoid getting them wet.


To maintain the shape and prevent creasing of your Klash shoes, place white paper, a piece of white fabric, or an old, washed T-shirt  (dry) inside them after each use. This helps keep the shoes' form intact and prevents any deformation during the times you're not wearing them.

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