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Baxchai Pasha 7 pieces

Baxchai Pasha 7 pieces

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Introducing our Baxchai Pasha design, elegantly crafted to enhance your wardrobe. This set includes:

- Kiras: Made from soft chiffon with delicate embroidery, featuring small floral accents in a mango design, colored in red, green, and golden hues.
- Helak: made of satin and vibrant red on one side and  green on the other, offering versatile styling options.
- Underwear: Includes a comfortable top and pants made from silky satin, ensuring both style and comfort.
-Kolwane: Striking red adorned with hand-made golden sequins for a touch of glamour.
- Gifts: As a special thank you, you'll receive a 'Sar parcham' chain for arouand your helak as model wearing and arm pins with your purchase.

Perfect for special occasions, this ensemble combines traditional Kurdish elements with modern design, ensuring you look stunning at any event.



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