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Clothes included Klash

Clothes included Klash

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Discover your ideal outfit in our collection, ready to wear in various colors and styles.

Simply select your favorite color and style from our ready-made options. 2. Our products are pre-sized and designed to fit well, making the ordering process quick and easy. 3. Each set comes with Kawa, Pantol, Pishtwen, and a beautifully handcrafted traditional Kurdish Tasbih as a token of our appreciation. Additionally, this package includes a pair of handmade Klash, elevating your ensemble with traditional Kurdish craftsmanship.

Each set includes Kawa, Pantol, Pishtwen, a traditional Kurdish Tasbih, and now, a pair of our handmade Klash shoes.

Crafted in Hawraman, Kurdistan, these shoes are made from cotton thread and natural materials, designed for comfort and to complement your Kurdish attire without causing foot sweat.

While they're a proud display of cultural heritage, remember to keep them dry and use a simple trick to maintain their shape: after wearing, insert white paper, fabric, or an old T-shirt inside. Choose your favorite set today for immediate dispatch and embrace the elegance of Kurdish style effortlessly.


Please go ahead and place your order. Within 24 hours of receiving your order confirmation, we will reach out to you via the contact details provided to confirm your size and measurements.

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