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Kurdish Clothes for man black

Kurdish Clothes for man black

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Discover the perfect outfit tailored just for you. Choose your desired color and clothing style, and we'll make it happen. Our photos serve as examples from satisfied customers, showcasing the versatility and quality of our customizable garments.

To get started:

    1. Send us your preferred color if you have own color and the model of clothes you have in mind. Otherwise this order we can go forward and we confirm it one time more via mail contact with you.


    1. Upon receiving your request, we'll promptly email you with instructions on how to measure your sizes accurately. This ensures a precise fit for your bespoke attire.

This exclusive set includes the following items: Kawa, Pantol, Pishtwen, and a beautifully handcrafted Kurdish traditional Tasbih as a complimentary gift.

Delivery Time: Exactly this model and black color is quick Delivery. We have all sizes available in our warehouse based on  suits and Kurdish man suits .


Please note that crafting your personalized order may take between 6 to 8 weeks. We believe in taking the necessary time to create a masterpiece that meets your expectations.

Additionally, if you're interested, you can add shoes (Klash) to your order separately. They will be shipped alongside your clothing selection.

At Kewsan Textile, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. Embrace your unique style and experience the joy of wearing custom-made Kurdish man clothes. Place your order today!

This set included this Badini Peshtwen. If you want simple please let us know.

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