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Nishtman Black

Nishtman Black

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Nishtman represents the dream of a free Kurdistan for all Kurds. That's why we named our lovely new collection Nishtman because we couldn't find a more beautiful name, and it perfectly echoes our shared hope for a liberated homeland.


Discover elegance in our dress featuring roses embroidered on tulle with gold and tone-to-tone sequins. The mild and harmonious design showcases perfectly matched colors in both the size and appearance of the roses. Our skilled tailors bring this beautiful dress to life, offering you a glimpse of the feelings inspired by Nishtman.


kiras: is Satin Silk

OBS! Kiras is satin silk ( not chiffon as picture) this is earlier photos and new arrivals made with Satin Silk.


In the Nishtman Collection, every piece harmonizes with your beauty, allowing your smile and accessories to shine. 

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