Celebrating Kurdish Culture through Fashion Kewsan Textile: Where Love for Kurdish Dresses Begins Welcome to Kewsan Textile, a special place where we celebrate Kurdish culture through beautiful clothing.

 At Kewsan Textile, we’re passionate about bringing the essence of Kurdistan to your home. We take pride in crafting high-quality Kurdish clothing for everyone, ensuring an exceptional shopping experience. With worldwide shipping, we aim to make you feel connected to Kurdistan wherever you are. Kurdistan is in our hearts.

We are three sisters who share a deep love for Kurdish traditions, colors, fabrics, and fashion. Our family has a long history in textiles, and now we proudly bring you hand-selected and designed Kurdish dresses, made with care and respect for people all over the world. At Kewsan Textile, we value quality, excellent service, and our Kurdish heritage. We have our own production facilities, where we ensure every dress is made with exceptional skill and with fair treatment of our talented artisans. Each stitch represents our dedication and love for what we do. But our mission goes beyond just fashion. We also believe in investing in the future.

A portion of our profits goes towards supporting children’s education in Kurdistan, creating opportunities for a brighter tomorrow. We invite you to join us in celebrating the beauty of Kurdish culture. Come and be a part of our journey at Kewsan Textile, where we combine tradition and style to create something truly special. With gratitude, Kewsan Amini Co-Founder, Kewsan Textile