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Dilan Pink

Dilan Pink

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Complete Kurdish Set for Girl
Kawa: pearls pressed machine on very soft lace with embroidered flowers in golden and pink .
and comfortable sew model as Badini design with elastic waist and luck under breast for children.
Very soft satin silk kiras
Kolwane with all handmade around it in golden metallic pearls and coins base of kolwane is same fabric as Kawa.
Complete set in 3 parts and sew included this packet.

From 5 year to 8 years available as ready made in packet in 3 parts. Please write us which age your girl is and which size she wear.
Please write us or send us email (

in more information which year is your girl and please write us which EU size or US size wear your children .
This 3:
2-Size in European or Your country standard size .
3-length axles to foot ( if you have measure band at home, otherwise age and size also works).

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