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Gulan Black

Gulan Black

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Product Description:

Gulan Collection: Celebrating Kurdish Language Day

Each dress in this collection features stunning multicolor sequins embroidery in vibrant color combinations, embodying the beauty and diversity of Kurdish culture. Crafted from premium silk crepe satin, these dresses offer a luxurious feel and exceptional durability, perfect for special occasions.

Our professional sewing ensures a perfect fit and high-quality finish, available in multiple sizes to suit all body types. Whether for Kawa celebrations, Newroz, or other significant Kurdish events, the 15'ê Gulan Collection is designed to make you stand out.

Key Features:

- Gulan Collection
- Multicolor Sequins Embroidery: Adds vibrant, eye-catching detail to each dress.
- High-Quality Silk Crepe Satin:Provides a luxurious and durable fabric.
- Professional Sewing:Ensures a perfect fit and high-quality craftsmanship.
- Multiple Sizes:Available in various sizes to fit all body types.
- Perfect for Celebrations: Ideal for Kawa, Newroz, and other Kurdish cultural events.

Celebrate Kurdish Culture:

Embrace the essence of Kurdish heritage and make a statement with our 15'ê Gulan Collection. Shop now and experience the blend of tradition and elegance in every piece.

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